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Ścianka EKRAN PANELOWY 8 modułów
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PANEL-SCREEN Exhibition Wall 8 modules

Price zł973.50 Regular price zł1,298.00

Wall consisting of 8 panels 60x90cm, aluminum construction, adjustable at different angles. For the price without printing, we do not supply PVC panels. Other dimensions can be ordered.

PopUp SET Wall 4x3 Curved
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PopUp SET Wall 4x3 Curved

Price zł1,169.10 Regular price zł1,299.00

Popular and proven advertising wall. Simple and fast assembly and disassembly. The complete system fits well within the trunk on wheels - included as set. 

RollUp SOLID 120x200cm
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RollUp SOLID 120x200cm

Price zł162.36 Regular price zł202.95

Improved quality durable rollup. Increased stability due to overstandard thickness and weight. Specialy designed for wider sizes. Full aluminium feet. Carry bag with extra protection layer included.

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TUBE NUTS Fabric Wall

Price zł947.01 Regular price zł1,352.87

Very effective advertising wall. Modern shape. No reflection effect. Complete with carrying bag. 

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