Rollup MULTI 100cm

Rollup MULTI 100cm

Rollup with exchangeable graphics, telescopic rod, level adjustment and a thick bag that opens along the length.

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266,50 zł

(327,80 zł tax incl. )

Rollup MULTI 100cm

Solid and effective rollup equipped with adjustable spring tension and telescopic pole placed in a stabilizing slot that ensures vertical print positioning. An additional advantage is the clamping of the printout on both the upper bar and the roller in the cassette. It gives the possibility of multiple self-exchange graphics in the rollup. It is an alternative to the cheapest cheap-quality cartridges bought for single use - in the case of MULTI rollup, it is enough to buy only a printout and mount it in a rollup on your own. In this way, paying only for printing, we can present graphics on a representative stand.

Rollup MULTI 100cm


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