Rollup ENVY 60x160cm

Rollup ENVY 60x160cm

Improved quality for demanding users. Stable casing. Pole top mounting not visible from the front of rollup. Transport bag with extra protection layer and full-lenght zipper included. Classic look.

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Rollup ENVY 60x160cm

Rollup Envy stands up with excellent value for money. The casing is made of slightly thicker than the standard aluminum and the rear wall of the cassette is wider, which provides additional structural rigidity and more stable fixing of the rod. The advantage is aesthetic, not visible from the front of the graphics top fastening of the rod. Equipped with carrying bag with zipper along the entire length of the bag which makes it much easier to insert and remove the rollup, while reducing the risk of damage to the bag by it's sharp edges. Extra layer protects rollup against mechanical damage. Available in sizes: 60x160cm, 80x200cm, 85x200cm, 100x200cm and 120x200cm.

Rollup ENVY 60x160cm


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