Pneumatic Balloon B12 4m Stripe Print

Pneumatic Balloon B12 4m Stripe Print


Promotional balloon with 1440 dpi UV resistance print on 120cm wide stripe. Equipment included: compressor, travel bag, set of pegs and fastening cables, assembly instructions and warranty.

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Pneumatic Balloon B12 4m Stripe Print

Advertising balloon with 1440 dpi resolution print on 120cm wide stripe. Special solvent-based inks for solvent printing permanently bond to the substrate, penetrating its structure. Therefore, the prints are characterized by high resistance to UV radiation, mechanical damage, abrasion, different atmospheric conditions, extreme temperature differences.   Each balloon is equipped with a direct-driven radial fan. Asynchronous motor, single-phase 220-240 V, 50 Hz with capacitor with protection degree IP 44, insulation class B. These motors have thermal overload protection.   In addition, the set includes a carry bag, a set of cables and pegs for stabilization and assembly instructions along with a warranty.


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