Stand for external exposure, made of aluminum with PVC or Dibond filling. Can be combined in a straight line or at an angle. Inquiries about the price please contact:

Heavy concrete base and impressive construction - OUTDOOR ALUPROFIL STAND will meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. These kind of advertising stands can be used both as an independent unit and a modular element of the whole system for displaying outdoor exhibitions, which gives users a really amazingly effective marketing tool. It is worth paying attention to the wide configuration possibilities as well as the possibility of placing both one and two-sided graphics. System for displaying outdoor exhibitions made of aluminum elements to custom size. The graphics are made on PVC or Dibond boards and assembled in profile gaps. The individual stands can be combined with each other and set in any configuration both in a straight line and at different angles. The stands are stabilized by heavy concrete bases weighing over 30kg each.

For inquiries about the price please contact:

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