KOMFORT Promotion Counter with disinfectant dispenser

KOMFORT Promotion Counter with disinfectant dispenser

Promotional counter with shelf, black top and a chromed dispenser for hand sanitizer. Convenient due to the possibility of connecting a large tank with liquid. Equipped with wheels for easy moving.

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479,00 zł

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KOMFORT Promotion Counter with disinfectant dispenser

Smart advertising counter consisting of a panel for sticking graphics, two tops (bottom and top) made of black painted furniture board and a dispenser for hand disinfectant. It can be connected to a 250ml bottle or with use of an additional hose to a larger liquid container (e.g. 5l - we do not add a large tank, a small 250ml tank is included). Inside the stand, you can store several bottles of liquid, which significantly increases convenience and reduces the need for service. Counter is equipped with wheels with a brake and an internal shelf. Packed in two carrying bags. Assembly and disassembly of the counter literally takes a moment, it is very simple and can be done by one person.


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