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PANEL-SCREEN Exhibition Wall 4 Modules

Wall consisting of 4 panels 60x90cm, aluminum construction, adjustable at different angles. For the price without printing, we do not supply PVC panels. Other dimensions can be ordered.

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704,00 zł

(865,92 zł tax incl. )

PANEL-SCREEN Exhibition Wall 4 Modules

Advertising wall PANEL-SCREEN 4 Modules is a unique product. Advertising walls of this type consist of 8 panels 60x90 cm, and their construction is made of aluminum. You can easily set them at different angles - this is a particularly good solution for someone who use one wall repeatedly in different spaces. Advertising walls PANEL-SCREEN 8 Modules allow the display of both one-sided and two-sided printing on PVC panels. Carrying a wall is not difficult - it folds to the form of a rectangle with dimensions of one panel. There is also the possibility of ordering a transport bag. The price of the printout does not include a PVC board. It is possible to order the wall in other dimensions.

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